Tooth Extraction


Tooth extractions have never been painless and have often been looked upon as a last resort option to treat an incurable dental issue. Although, there is nothing that can substitute natural teeth up to one hundred percent accuracy, there are ample dental treatments that can mimic the function of our natural teeth. At Dr Jennifer Bossel’s office, every effort is made to avoid going through tooth extraction because we believe that there is nothing as strong and permanent as one’s natural teeth. However, certain situations might arise, which may warrant an immediate need to extract a tooth, or more, in order to maintain dental health

What is tooth extraction and why you may have to go through it?

Simply stated, tooth extraction involves removing one or more teeth from the upper or lower jaw Impressions   dental. Although, our first advice would always be to treat the issue without removing any teeth, we may eventually have to prescribe tooth extraction as a way of maintaining the health of the remaining teeth or else, to stop the spread of further issues within your teeth. Our team would be more than happy to provide you with a tooth replacement treatment subsequently, with the ultimate aim of saving and maintaining your dental health. We can help you smile with confidence and boast a healthy and sparkling oral hygiene. Some of the most common conditions under which we would prescribe a tooth extraction are as follow:
  • In case where a severe infection has already destroyed a considerable portion of a tooth and the bone structure that supports it.
  • Intensive decay on the tooth that has caused damage which is beyond repair.
  • Crowding of the teeth, which renders a proper fit of the teeth nearly impossible.
  • Impacted wisdom tooth causing food impaction and cavities.
Dr Jennifer uses immense precision and skill while performing a tooth extraction procedure so that our patient has to go through minimal pain and discomfort.


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