Gummy Smiles

Many people are conscious about their gummy smiles. There are a variety of ways this can be solved. Sometimes it is an easy fix, and sometimes it is a little more involved. It all depends on the severity, and from where the problem stems.

One scenario of gummy smiles is an overgrowth of the gingival tissue. This can be fixed fairly simply, and with minimal to no discomfort post-op by a procedure called Gingivectomy. We use our laser in our office to remove unsightly, overextended gums, and the results can be seen immediately. Normally, about 1 mm of thickness of gingiva past the height of the bone of a tooth is healthy and normal. We can measure this thickness with the dental probe (the tool the dentist uses to poke at the gums), and if they are thicker than that 1 mm, causing the patient to be unhappy, we can laser the excess by trimming down the gums down to 1 mm so that the issue is resolved. In some cases, if this does not fix the problem, we can get more aggressive and do a procedure called crown lengthening. During this procedure, the gingiva is flapped open, and some bone is removed, exposing more of the tooth (crown) to the outside world.
Another scenario of gummy smiles is if the patient has a deep overbite, causing more visualization of the upper jaw and gums. This can simply be fixed with Invisalign by intruding the teeth.
The third scenario is if a patient has a very thin upper lip. This can easily be fixed with products such as Juvederm, Restylane, or Belotero the most because it gives the most natural look for patients who want that. We also provide those services in our office by a Registered Nurse.
By reading this page, one will not be the master of diagnosing how to fix their gummy smile for sure, but one can get an idea. The best way to find a solution is coming in for a consultation.

Do You Feel Like You Have a Gummy Smile?

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Jennifer Bossel DMD